Aki, Guangdong swimming once an ordinary player, did not reach the top of the pyramid, he became the people's police, after retirement, an opportunity before the Asian Games in Guangzhou, so he joined the Marine Police, Aki and the fate of the Pearl River, It seems that will continue. Despite not need to swim at least 80,000 meters weekly training volume, but his cell movement is still active, so he focussed on big balls collective project, every Wednesday and Zhou Jiawei other old teammates playing football in the Haizhu District, it has been eight years. His passing last year, South China Agricultural University, observed the training of an amateur football team, was attracted to this moment full of manly sport, and now he attended every Sunday at noon three hours of hard training, and more will be in May In Hong Kong teams demonstrate their skills. Aki despite repeated mantra, in fact, there is not much worth writing stories, but reporters that his sporting life, perhaps giving the same ordinary common with most of us think about a little inspiration.

mediocre when athletes retire

coincidental to join the Marine team

two years in Guangzhou, a native toddler football jerseys of Aki came into contact with a swim, he said, a child as parents respond to the call Canton Township swim swim to train more talents, so he began to attend formal training primary school. 9 years old, he was elected to amateur sports school, 14-year-old joined the Guangdong team, the best at 100 meters freestyle. Participated in many national competitions, the Games only in 2005 that term in Jiangsu Province, 'I reported the 50 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters or 1500 meters, but did not get a medal.' National Games return, he faces retirement, was studying at the Sun Yat-sen administrative professional, he graduated in time before applying for the people's police. As a swimmer, the police is not the most common way. Aki embarrassed to tell reporters that his examination of the police at the time most worried about is cultural studies, some questions can only rely on the help of dice, courtesy of the love of God, he was through.

Beginning in 2007, Aki became a special police, that's a lion, 'Armed brothers.' 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games held soon, a chance, he transferred to the Guangzhou Marine. 'To be honest I'm quite happy, after all, the Marine Police this post, I am a professional came in handy.' Aki every morning with two colleagues need training in driving a speedboat on the main channel of the Pearl River, about three hours round-trip . He told reporters, others see his own boat felt very impressive, it was not felt in winter, the river humid, with temperatures low, patrol returned the body shivering with cold. Met someone jumping off the Bridge, his task is driving a speedboat with two colleagues rushed to the scene, a colleague control boats, people might not be too close to the river jumped to avoid the collision, but not too far away, so The first time came to save. Before the Spring Festival, people from early morning start to climb the Haizhu Bridge, he and his colleagues rushed to the scene on standby until 21:00 of the public are advised to lift the bridge before the task. He really tried to jump into the river to save people, seeing the bridge by jumping into the water, police uniforms, he immediately leap, regardless of cold and heat, critical juncture would have come forward. Pearl River water is not clear if the bridge were to jump into the water sink, he would have to dive to save breath, 'underwater see anything, open your eyes to no avail, must have excellent underwater exploration skills.'

just over thirties, Aki, family situation now is saying 'careful and tender wife.' Two years ago he became a father, his wife Vivian former synchronized swimmer, fully understand his work. 'Vivian has expressed on your job to worry about it?' Faced with this problem, hesitated after Aki nodded, 'She knows I might feel the need of life-saving water, there is definitely a certain degree of risk, but is my duty. First, I work mainly rely on teamwork, on the one hand good personal security, along all life-saving equipment, on the one hand and his colleagues have division of labor, we passed numerous exercises and practice on with very understanding. '

stick with custom toddler football jerseys former teammates play

no intention of entering the NFL door

Aki while on duty need to focus one hundred percent of the spirit, perhaps tired of ordinary people to go home to sleep, but he did think that exercise is the best way to eliminate fatigue. Swimming, running, fitness gradually can not meet him, and he felt a little lonely person's sport, the happiest and most relaxed is every Wednesday night's 'Football Night.'

'with me a number of teammates almost all football enthusiasts, we meet in Haizhu football stadium stadium after retirement, 15 and 16 participants each personalized toddler football jerseys time, we divided into three groups of five people playing football.' swimmer Zhou Jiawei a team of activists, almost every week a must. 'For someone else to play kick, I'll do some chin-ups on the sidelines, stretching, etc., but often an off night, still feel not exercise enough.' Just let yourself Aki could not find mention of other interests, but also for When better exercise program, a chance 'encounter' and let him into another group of people in sports circles.

November last year, South China Agricultural University, he went to visit a friend, when the campus through a stadium, he saw a group of men were playing football. Full of onlookers gather around a student, he was once the kind of fast-paced competitive field attracted also stood watch from the excitement. 'Compared to football, rugby passion with elements of violence, is simply manly, irresistible to want to try something.' He lost track of time, has been to watch the end of the training, but also took the initiative to introduce themselves, I hope to join the organization. This allows Aki 'love at first sight' of the organization, is the Guangzhou Apache football team, they are the 80 football fans from all walks of life composition, after the coaching staff screening, about 60 people currently in the series. See Aki's body, captain Xiaoyu asked: 'You are a professional athlete, right?' Swimming training for many years to let Aki's shoulder than the average nearly twice as wide, regardless of what clothes to wear, he is a athletes posture. Do not think that when athletes can be selected over Zhezhi football team, Aki basic skills test by the coach and captain of the team was successful progress.

beginning of the few training session, Aki was placed next to the 'special treatment', the other teammates against the practice, the basic technology is still unfamiliar to learn from him. Later, he joined the big teams among the weekly training content is different, scrimmaging hard not to him, but he was too tired to make the shuttle run straight deep breaths. 'I still can not confirm the presence of superior grade of the position, because I have not been able to find work in this project force point in the end is a group of offensive or defensive group is more suitable for me? Currently I am still not very clear.' However, this does Aki without prejudice to invest a lot of football passion and dedication, he worked very hard to keep up with the team.

football is not only a weight change

Sport is the best inheritance to his son

Aki most dumbfounding is to explain the technical and tactical coaching BENSON at the time mainly in English. Aki is a typical movie watching Stephen Tsai grew up in Guangzhou, he mentioned this detail when extremely rich interpretation to reporters laughing. 'I thought to myself, do you not, ah, ah how to speak English? Hey, I told them, saying Chinese okay, ah, ah chiefs do not understand.' BENSON overseas returned overseas Chinese, he served as head coach, is also the team's spiritual leader, he generally bilingual explain tactics, but sometimes in English so he will blurt out. 'Curiously, the captain and other players have absolutely no objection, I thought, oh bad, it is estimated that only one person I do not understand.' To learn more and faster, then Chinese Aki audacity to ask the coach to explain once, then do not know how, gradually, he also understood the English layout tactics.

with 'rich handsome' to describe the Apache team is not an exaggeration, BENSON the principal is a successful businessman, a SWAT team leader Xiaoyu, other players from all walks of life. Just a few months, Aki from coaches and teammates who have learned the basic technology is not just football, as well as the spirit of teamwork, and a positive attitude towards life. A week ago, the Apache team held at a five-star hotel Anniversary Annual Meeting. Aki and his teammates all drink wedding dress formal than even he did not know where to find a pair of black-rimmed glasses to wear, suddenly a little pedantic. 'The coach asked us to dress, he told me, football football jerseys for toddlers is an exquisite traditional items, dress is a basic social etiquette, but also to express the respect and inheritance attitude towards the project. When a person love of sports to reach a spiritual level, the movement will naturally more fun to explore, will have a stronger sense of responsibility and power forward in their daily work and life. 'Reporters understand that just a few months of football training, He changes not only reduced the weight from 100 kg 90 kg.

Aki 1.8 meters tall, the goal is to minus 10 kilograms in six months. 'Only practiced this project, its strength in the end came to understand how my teammates, there are like me, with a goal to lose weight, there are weight gain, the original height of 1.7 meters and weighing less than 50 kg, now excel more than 60 kg, the whole lot of strong people. 'Rugby is also a new thing in the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou, only three amateur teams. Let Aki was pleased that now every team can attract the attention of trained youngsters, some parents take their children on the sidelines to watch specially. In addition to overtime, he basically never missed a training session, the team May upcoming friendlies with the Hong Kong team, he wanted to be able to participate, even if not yet reached the level of play, doing the logistical work is also excellent on the sidelines The.

will stick forever? 'Yes! Surely! Finally found a burst of passion for the sport, how would easily give up!' Aki grew up going to wait a little longer after his son, his wife took him to the sidelines for their own fuel, 'to teach him to swim, teach His play, teach him to play football, I think, is my son the best sports heritage. '

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