Punch, hit, push, pull, squeeze their feet in the competition ...... every Saturday, Zhejiang University, Zijin Campus Stadium, a group of blond 'foreigners' in only a few sporadic football stadium audience happily playing with football - a so most Chinese people feel unfamiliar sport.

on Saturday afternoon, even though God is not cooperate, intermittent heavy rain underground, this football team is still popular in the sports arena - voluntary organizations and national champion Shanghai crab club carried out a ten Futsal personalized college football jerseys for kids England Rugby Tournament. In addition to team members, the audience rarely sidelines, 'We are happy to play for yourself, it's not for others.' Hangzhou clown football club leader, American Jonathan replied.

a 'gentleman playing barbaric sport' personalized football jerseys for kids

afraid of injuries, love the rain Fengpao

Zhezhi football team custom football jerseys for kids is to support 'international wing' members are mostly foreigners, were from the United States, France, Britain, Australia, Congo and more than 20 countries.

none of them professional players, the majority of the current work in Hangzhou, vocational senior executives teachers, doctors, engineers and companies. Despite their gentle workplace, but this does not prevent them collide happily in the field, even at risk of injury. 'In the football variety of species which, rugby is the most 'vicious' one. Various other football, all came from the British 'softening'.' The only team in the history of Hangzhou Shu Yang told reporters.

can hear Jonathan aside, in fluent Chinese firmly denied and said:? 'No, where 'fierce' confrontation strong, I'll practice more muscle, better prepared, more on the field with the brain.'

in sports, rugby is called 'gentleman playing barbaric sport,' and American football is different is that it does not need to wear a helmet, shoulder armor, hip pads and other protective gear. 'Rugby is divided into seven, 10 and 15 were made. Usually you see on the TV game system are 15.' Jonathan said his favorite is the 7-a-side, because that stuff is more Fengpao compelling, especially on rainy days, more exciting.

a globalized friends party

trip in Hangzhou, the ball will not forget to Friends football jerseys for kids

race gap, one from the United Kingdom, sweating players named cheap football jerseys for kids Rena ran, 'It's so cool! I first came to Hangzhou, a few months, you can find a place to play too happy.'

Jonathan told that this team is characterized by high mobility. Zengjinglaiguo an Australian, he came to Hangzhou travel, lived one week, but pumping an afternoon playing games over the ball. Over the years, the club's players are always coming and going like. However, on the day here, they have been very happy. 'I just came to Hangzhou three years ago, I left home circles here without a friend. Available through this club, I finally found like me 'foreigner', to pay a bunch of friends.'

a promotion plan for Hangzhou

to point, along with fun

With football officially became an Olympic sport, football promotion in China is ascendant. It is understood, Hangzhou clown Rugby Club and Zhejiang University jointly launched a 'football community' program, hoping to rugby sport in Hangzhou to promote open.

Jonathan said that the current international popular Rugby Sevens, not necessarily have to be a big tall horse people can participate. 'A lot of people may think that Chinese people's physical fitness is not suitable for football, but it is not, Japanese, Indians are playing football, and I have some Japanese friends, their bodies are really strong.'

It is understood that their 'football community' program has been extended for nearly a year at Zhejiang University, every Tuesday through Friday afternoon, the school students will be on the football field football college football jerseys for kids training. 'I hope everyone will work together to join our club together to enjoy the fun of football.'

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